The CD has been released! 

Here are the works included:

Conversations between Wind and Water

by Hong-Da Chin (Malaysia/USA)


by Silvia Simons (Australia)

Fantasy for Solo Flute

by Goni Peles (Israel)

Europe: Dublin II

by Benoit Granier (France)

Elegy and Dance, op. 128

by Nickos Harizanos (Greece)

Wind of the East

by Jen Kuang Chang (Taiwan)

Marionete de Vento

by Marcilio Onofre (Brasil)

Project “Extended” has started a Kickstart campaign to help fund the CD production.  Please visit our Kickstart project page, and donate generously.  Thanks!

If you are interested in the CD, you can request a signed copy until August 21, 2013!

Send an email of inquiry and let’s talk about shipping (I’ll send it anywhere in the world)! 

The CD itself is $20 even!